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If you have been following me on Instagram you'll know that I have been going craft crazy recently. I've been having trouble at Uni with creativity block, it's so hard to constantly be creative especially when you are surrounded by people who are so much better at everything than you are! So to help me with this block I've been painting and glittering everything in sight. To the point where people are now telling me to sell and make for other people. Hey, it's almost Christmas and I could seriously use the money! 

So here I am introducing my new Etsy shop : Pixie Glittered

Now there isn't much on there right now. A few bits and bobs, mostly glitter wine glasses, but in the next few days/weeks I hope to have a good collection of crafty things which you may or may not want to buy. I'm also hoping to get some jewellery on there as well but only time will tell! 

Please take a look and keep checking back. It'd mean the world to me! 

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Clearasil Superfruits Refreshing Pads


Clearasil's Superfruits Refreshing Pads are currently my all time favourite skin care product. I thought I'd start by saying that before I go into this rave review. Up until recently I've never really had to battle with acne or spots, my whole teenage life I rarely had more than a tiny pimple, but as I've got older and...let's be honest...a lot more unhealthier, my skin has suffered slightly.

I tend to only get spots when I'm stressed out. They come at the worst times, one popped up a few days before Paris, one popped up when I started Uni and one appeared right before I started Uni. With everything all happening at once my skin and health sort of snowballed. No wonder I got a few disgusting spots.

When I went to Superdrug I had no idea what kind of treatment I wanted. I didn't want to be faffing around with loads of different skin products. I didn't want to have to spend a million hours cleansing and toning and washing, just to get rid of a few measily imperfections. With that in mind, I found Clearasil's "daily clear" Superfruits range. I picked up the refreshing pads because I thought they seemed easiest. Pads that cleanse and exfoliate all in one?! Perfect.

The pads are a lot like nail varnish remover pads. They are covered in the product til they are soaked and they smell...well strange. Strange in a nice way though. All you have to do is drag the pad across your face and rub in small circles to exfoliate and cleanse at the same time. It really is as easy as that.

Amazingly after two or three uses of these pads, my spots had vanished. I was so surprised at how quickly this product gets to work and I was really so impressed. The pads have been an absolute godsend because not only do they combat your spots and acne but they work wonders in removing your makeup with just one pad. I have been using these twice daily now since the end of September and I have really seen how much my skin has improved!
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Life Through My Phone - September/October


Happy life update day *looks around an empty room because nobody cares*. The one thing I'm always consistent with is taking photos on my phone and uploading them all onto the internet, so it seems fair that I upload them all on here as well. It's been a strange two months and apart from Paris and my birthday I've not really done anything or seen anybody. It's so annoying and sad but I just don't have the money and with Uni starting up again I just don't have the time for a life either. Hopefully things will get back to normal.

Recently I've been having a bit of a crap time at Uni, I mean...I'm ALWAYS having a crap time at Uni, it is just awful, but this time I'm on the verge of quitting forever. If I wasn't in my final year I'd run for the hills. Having to do something I hate so very, very much is mentally and physically draining and I cannot wait til it's over. Just a few months left.

In my spare time I've been doing loads of crafts and by doing loads of crafts I actually mean that I've been putting glitter on EVERYTHING. I've also been designing comic book shoes and I'm really enjoying myself just making whatever I want. I think my creativity block has finally gone! It's about time!

I also invested in an Xbox One which I have been playing NON STOP. I think I may actually be addicted. Most of the above photographs are from September. I haven't really put any order to these photos but oh well. You live and you learn!  

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Hair Tips For The Colder Months


As the weather gets colder in Britain, our hair routine is going to need to be taken up a notch. During the winter months your hair is super vulnerable to losing shine and moisture but thankfully there are some great ways to keep your hair feeling nourished and healthy in the up-coming months. 

Hair oil is your best friend : I love hair oil, it's wonderful for taming and fixing my dead-ends. It's also great for making your hair look shiny and full of moisture which is perfect for Winter when your hair looks sad and dry. 

Water : It may be an obvious one but drinking loads and loads of water is going to make your hair (and your whole body) feel great. Hydration is the best way to combat lifeless hair, trust me, you'll really see the difference. 

Have a trim : Make sure you get all your dead ends snipped off your hair and say goodbye to Sun damage! 

Heat protection : During winter you may not want to wait for your hair to dry naturally so to protect your hair from damage caused by heated appliances use a heat protective spray or cream. Just massage the product in with your fingers before drying and styling your hair to help retain moisture and shine.

Switch your shampoo : Another way to retain moisture is to swap your normal shampoo for a special moisturising shampoo during the Winter.

Tangle Teaser : Keeping your hair tamed and smooth is a big problem during the colder, windier months so why not invest in a Tangle Teaser? It will provide a gentler way to brush through those knotty ends.

Hat time all the time : To retain heat when it's cold make sure to choose a super cute hat to complete your outfit. It'll also protect your hair against all sorts of wind damage. 
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Maybelline Colour Drama Intense Velvet Lip Pencil


Jumping on the band wagon yet again with these gorgeous lip pencils. The world and his wife are going absolutely crazy for these lip pencils at the moment, so of course, I needed to get myself some of the action! 

These lip pencils are very much like the NARS matte lip pencils although Maybelline's version are a little smaller in size and the NARS pencils are in plastic packaging rather than wood. Apart from that they are an extremely similar product, and the Maybelline version is a lot cheaper! 

Currently there is 9 shades in the collection which range from nudes to pinks to reds. Unfortunately in my local Boots they were only stocking four of the shades, so I only managed to pick up "Love My Pink" and "Light It Up". Love Me Pink does exactly what it says on the tin and is a lovely bright pink shade. Light It Up is more of a classic red shade and is my personal favourite as it looks fantastic on my pale skintone! 

I have to say that I am absolutely in love with these lip pencils. For £4.99 you really cannot fault the quality and they can be used as both a lip-liner and a lipstick. The pigmentation is incredible, in fact they might have the strongest pigmentation I've ever seen in a lip product. They also have such a gorgeous velvety texture which feels smooth and silky on the lips. Staying power is fantastic as well - because it's a pencil there is barely any feathering and the product seems to stay on your lips for ages! My only complaint is that after a few hours it can make your lips feel a tiny bit dry but it's not really that big of a deal as you can just use some Vaseline over the top if it's really bothering you that much. 

I'm definitely going to be investing in the whole collection because I just love these lip pencils so, so much. What do you think? Have you tried them out yet? 

You can get your hands on Maybelline's lip pencils by popping into your nearest Boots or Superdrug.
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My Birthday In Paris


As you may or may not already know, for my 23rd birthday (gosh, I'm getting old) my lovely, gorgeous boyfriend took me to Paris for a few days. It was an absolutely glorious trip, the weather was top notch, our hotel was extremely posh and we had such an amazing time. If I had to sum it up in three words: BEST TRIP EVER! It was literally the best birthday I have ever had and I've never felt so happy and so at peace as I did in Paris.

I'm not going to write a lot, mostly because I'm lazy and I've got tons of Uni work to catch up on - so be warned - this post is extremely picture heavy! I'll let the photographs do all the talking!

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BlackMilk Dresses - Real VS Fake


As a blogger, I know that BlackMilk are pretty much everyone's favourite clothing brand and up until recently I'd not had the pleasure of wearing one of their designs. Not to mention the fact that I've never really been able to afford anything from them. Their designs are always on-point, so fashionable and versatile, and I've spent many an hour starring at their website hoping and praying one day I'd have enough money to own one of their drop-dead gorgeous dresses. 

With any popular brand there is always going to be fakes. For me, this isn't such a bad thing (though I know many others wouldn't agree). I just think it's essential that designs should be available for the mass market and at a fair enough price. Plus, let's be honest, BlackMilk aren't the only company on the internet that make these sorts of dresses in these sorts of materials. It's a copy of a copy of a copy and aren't at all original. Which brings me to the question - why do we find copies to be such a bad thing when really everything is a copy anyway? 

I personally now own two BlackMilk dupes and one original BlackMilk dress, so I feel like I can at least give you an honest review on each of these. This way you can make your own mind up about buying fakes. In this post I'm only going to be looking at the quality and design of each of the dresses, how they were made is a completely different and moral thing and that's for you to decide and not for me to dictate. 

I don't know if you can tell from the first photograph which two are fake and which one is real. The real one is the absolutely gorgeous Beauty & The Beast dress which is now sitting in my wardrobe waiting for my birthday on Saturday. The other two I bought from one of the many ebay dress sellers out there. The lowest quality of the fakes in my opinion is the Lord Of The Rings map dress. You can tell this is a cheaply made dress as the print is quite wishy-washy and pixely. It's also got a bit of a strange shape to it so if you're lacking in the boob and bum department this dress could look too big on you. It's definitely designed more for the curvier lady. Regardless I still really like it, the dress looks fantastic on photographs and unless you looked really carefully you wouldn't know this was a fake. Plus it cost my about £5 instead of £ I can't really complain about it! 

The second dupe is this Zombie Nation dress. This was a really popular design for BlackMilk a while back but is no longer stocked by them, so I had to find it elsewhere. Googling Galaxy Milk will find you thousand of BlackMilk rip-offs on Ebay, some good, some bad. This one is a lot better than the Lord Of The Rings dress. 

Firstly the material is very similar to BlackMilk's material. It's so silky and soft and feels like it is of quite good quality. For me there is only two small differences between this dress and the real one - 1. the pattern is a little bit pixely, though not to the same degree as the Lord Of The Rings dress. You can clearly tell what is on this dress and it looks great. It's just the black colours are a bit greyer, that's all. 2. The dress fits differently to BlackMilk's. The top part of the dress is a lot longer than it should be therefore making the dress more midi than mini. It doesn't look bad though and I think it would be fine for taller people! I'm just super short. 

Finally, the real deal! I'm pretty sure you can tell just from these pictures how brilliant the quality is. The design is crisp and bold, there's no pixels and no wishy-washyness. It's literally so perfect. The material is great and you can tell it's high quality but then of course it should be for the price! This bad boy was over £50 and took three weeks to arrive.

In my personal opinion I think if you can afford it and you are willing to wait then you should definitely go for the real deal. The quality of the others just doesn't compare to how fantastic the real deal is. But of course, not everyone has £50 to waste on one piece of clothing, and not everyone wants to wait a month for it to arrive, which is completely fair enough. There's nothing ridiculously wrong with the fakes, they are completely wearable and very pretty. Plus for the cheap price they are absolute steals and I'd never try to put someone off wearing a fake. 

What do you think about fakes? Would you buy one? 
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